What can I do

Close - up Magic

Suitable for Corporate meetings,Business Seminars, Trade shows Family Get-together even the Cocktail parties to “break the ice” and create a friendly & convivial atmosphere

Stage Illusions

Theatre show includes stage illusions, Comedy,Magic,Dance, Music and most importantly FUN !! Suitable for family friendly events, kids parties ,kitty festivity, charity organization, fund raising events for NGOs

Sam - The Mindreader

Demonstration of Psychic abilities like E.S.P (Extra Sensory Perception), Telekinesis, Mind Reading and Sixth Sense.Combination of Magic,Comedy and Mind reading, showing difference between Magic & Mentalism but all threaded with comedy. Suitable for corporate function, company events.

Product Launching

Launching a product in unique style is no easy process. It involves a true investment of time, energy and creativity especially because you want the launch to be successful and well received by your audience. After all, an enormous amount of resources went into creating the product or service, so it deserves a launch to match in unique Magical style.

Enrichment Lecture

Inspirational and Life Transforming Talk show helps youth to Engage. Empower and Inspire! Motivational, inspirational, empowering compelling ‘infotainment’ which leaves the audience amazed, mesmerized, motivated, enthusiastic, revitalized and with a much improved positive mental attitude, state of mind & self-belief. Suitable for youth activities, teens seminar.

Magic Workshop

Educational magic workshops for students.Learn tricks, sleight of hand to make a career in magic, to impress friends or just for fun. Seven level professional magic class from beginners to pros. Suitable for schools, colleges, charitable organizations