Performed for Max Maven – Master Mentalist all time and Artist for FISM-Italy, 2015

  • 30th April 2018

It was a great and memorable day when I got an opportunity to perform in front of Max Maven at Magic Castle, Hollywood CA. Max is one on the best mentalist in the world.Spend whole with him at Castle.I performed my “4th Dimension” routine and he like my idea where I combine 4 different principles of Mentalism for the finale of my show.

Discussed tons of topics with him about mentalism. His opinion,advise and guidance to young artist is really useful. He is very helping to other performers at castle.During the lunch we had lot of fun while sharing experiences of performances on cruise ships,casinos and events on land.

Max said he will love to visit India one day for shows & vacation.
Discussing with Max of his TV show and corporate seminars, his book”Fortunetelling” , “Prism” it was a great experience.

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